Cash Kellogg and Gunnar Stone vs Lobo Gris

If you like your 3ways VICIOUS then park your aggression right here boys. We are not going to pull any punches on this one fans. This is a truly ROUGH and nasty video and Lobo is absolutely humiliated and WRECKED at the hands of Cash and Gunnar. And by wrecked we mean a ball busting kind of wreckage. If you are going to have a 2 on 1 match you might as well torture the boys balls and give him a wedgie too, am I right? It is a slow, methodical and devious destruction like nothing we have ever released. It pushes the edges of danger several times and Lobo is the lucky boy that gets to suffer this once in a lifetime humiliation. If you are squeamish at all then stay away, for the rest of you...INDULGE. It is a nut cracking good time. Oh and did we metion the ROPE? Lobo is brought to his knees and is hog-tied and helpless. By the time you hear Cash say “I want to pass him out between my legs” you might have already passed out yourself. There couldn’t be a more fitting or hotter ending. 

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