Mack Mahoney vs Jack Dillon

Sometimes wrestling is all about contrast. Jack Dillon is a ripped, tan and a muscled piece of beef. Not to mention that gorgeous blond hair and delicious body hair. Mack Mahoney, with half the muscle and not a whisp of body hair is Jack’s polar opposite. Dillon is also a trained pro wrestler who likes to dig into his opponent with a fierce gusto and never let up. Mack is a scrappy featherweight newbie who just happens to love choke holds - that’s cool with us! If you think Mack is going down easy think again. He has a plan and that plan includes chokes and big time knees into Jack’s back and kidneys. He wants to put the big man OUT and we can’t wait to see if he can pull it off! Mack loves chokes almost as much as Jack likes forearm smashes to the back, the chest and the gut. He also loves to throw haymaker fists to the face and neck too; for variety sake of course. This is a sweaty good time and we know our fans will love the back and forth action. Two hot wrestlers going all in on the mats will get your pulse racing and your boners throbbing!

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