Monstah Mike vs Brody Fox

Monstah Mike sure is a monster of muscle, attitude, and brute force. In his first video he bursts onto the MBW scene like a force of nature and the MBW boys are lining up to go against him! Mike has wrestling skill, an angry chip on his shoulder, and a body that makes him look like Derek Bolt’s hairier brother. In other words he’s built like a god, is butch as fuck, and has arrived at MBW to kick ass and pound boys until he can’t stand up anymore. During filming Mike said “I was meant for this” and when you see him take apart and then ass plow sexy Brody Fox you will know what he means. It’s a slow but all out destruction that will have you begging for more and shooting all over yourself. Mike is THAT good and he is without a doubt the new SUPERSTAR at MBW!

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