Pup Bandit vs Evan Sterling

This is the ULTIMATE matchup of opposites, THICK, dom, and rough Pup Bandit goes against tall, lean, and proud jobber Evan Sterling. Bandit has so much charisma on the mats sometimes we think he could coyly charm the trunks off his opponent just by winking at him. No need for that here because on this day he was in the mood to hold Evan down in sexy and long held submission holds while shoving his tongue down his throat. He also is giving Evan a stiff dose of ball torture, chops to his chest, and some HOT nose to nose choke holds! The choke hold is always prominent on Pup’s agenda - he also is obsessed with Evan’s creamy white bubble ass and feels the need to slap it over and over (hence the red hand prints on Evan’s white cheeks). All this foreplay leads to one thing and I’ll bet the fans can guess what it is? Pup jackhammers Evan’s gorgeous round ass and we get to be the sneaky voyuers that witness all of it. From the look of ecstasy on Evan’s face, he looooves a good STIFF squash and an even hotter STIFF fucking!

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