Tripp Evans vs Brendan Byers

Singlets and Thongs! These two boys get horny when they wrestle and wow are they horny for each other! Keep an eye on Brendan’s drippy singlet and the hardons that spring up from both these dudes. They start off doing some amateur grappling in singlets but it soon turns into an all out fight in thongs. Tripps perfectly round bubble muscle ass was MADE for a thong and we think he should never take it off. Brendan has the height and weight advantage but spark plug Tripp always comes to fight and he's NEVER easy to take down. This fight is a true back and forth brawl between two guys that can’t decide if they wanna wrestle or just stroke each other’s cocks. Fortunately for us, they want to do TONS of both! Some hightlights that stood out:  Brandon chokes Tripp with his own singlet and then traps Tripp in one of the longest and most punishing head scissors we’ve ever seen! Brendan spends so much time burying his dripping gear in Tripp’s face we thought he might suffocate the boy. So it’s only fitting that when Tripp gets his revenge he does the EXACT same thing and stuffs Brendan’s face with his rainbow thong every chance he gets! Face stuffing and ass sitting are two big themes here, as well as some nasty ball torture. In the last 3rd of the match Brendan takes full control and then it is just a total dismantling of Tripp’s confidence as he just LEVELS this muscle tank and takes what he wants from him. And fans it’s FUCKING HOT. Without hesitation this is one of our hottest ever!

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