Nick Milani vs Gabe Steel

There is no accounting for chemistry. When we matched up these two popular stars we didn’t know what we would get but from the first seconds it’s clear these two want to go AT IT! There is raw sexual chemistry between them that we didn’t account for and they savagely go after each other’s pits, nips,and bodies. They also make out like there is no tomorrow. Gabe spends a good bit of time cupping and smacking Nick’s 10 out of 10 bubble ass (who could resist?). For a while we wondered if this would turn into a sexy play date but then both guys rememer there is wrestling to be done. Gabe is the more experienced wrestler of course but the cool thing about Nick is that he can take a ton of punishment and he also LOOVES to dole it out. Whether he is drilling Gabe’s belly with punches or cranking on a back-breaking camel clutch or squeezing the life out of Gabe with a body scissor; Nick is no slouch! Gabe’s skill and prowess as a wrestler is also on full display here. As we all know too well he won’t be going home without tossing Nick around and making him suffer is his impressive arsenal of stiff holds and moves! All this plus some hot kissing, ass play, ball grabbing, butt humping, and sexy trash talk! We’d sum it up this way: an unexpected pleasure and a HOT fucking video!

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