Rob Steel vs Prince Flacko

Sexy newbies are always fun. And sure, we’ll admit that in his first match with MBW we sadistically wanted to put sexy twink Prince Flacko vs our tattooed muscle god Rob Steel because, well…we wanted to witness the wrecking ball NAIL it’s target! However, NOTHING could have prepared us for what came next fans. Rob took one look at Flacko and immediately downshifted into low gear because in his estimation what possible challenge could this cute twink bring him? Rob Steel is named STEEL for a reason. He is a wall of thick and chiseled muscle and he could probably bench press 10 clones of Prince Flacko all at once. From the start the match goes as you would expect with Rob toying with the boy toy and making easy work of his hot little body. He even let’s the Prince feel up his muscles while he has him trapped in a headscissors. And he let’s him muscle worship his biceps (maybe he has a some pity for the boy?). Then this story takes a turn NONE of us saw coming. Halfway through Prince Flacko somehow manages to take control of the bout and throws a barrage of holds, moves, punches, and stomps at Rob like a tornado at a county fair. Rob is staggering around stunned (while the rest of picked our jaws up off the floor!). We won’t tell you what happens at the end but trust us fans this is not your typical big man vs twinky boy contest. It has plot twists worthy of a spy novel and you will have to buy the video to find out the ending! 

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