Damien Stone vs Roger Atlas

Who wants a street fight? MASSIVE and MUSCLED bodybuilders like these two sure do! The fact that it turns into a fist fight is no surprise. They are evenly matched and both men are so damn THICK that it limits what kind of holds you can get on someone that size. No matter, Damien and Roger are up for a STIFF fight and they both seem to enjoy battering each other’s thick muscles with punches and stomps (are any of them making a dent?). Once both men manage to knock the other off their tree trunk legs, it starts to get interesting as they try to trade various submission holds. Certain views of Damien’s insanely huge legs makes us wonder if he is indeed an alien from the planet “THICK 43b7”. Alien or not his grunts of suffering are hot and Roger sees this challenge as his opportunity to put down a man even thicker than himself. There is plenty of evenly matched back and forth but in the end all we can tell you is that both men are laying on the mat like giant slabs of meat, huffing and puffing from exhaustion. We wouldn’t want it any other way fans!  Who wants to be their towel boy?!

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