Luke Truong vs Aiden Langston

We love singlets and jockstraps at MBW and nobody fills them out better than our resident twunk Luke Truong! Luke goes up against equally hunky Aiden Langston in a slow and sexy gear themed match. Along the way Luke licks Aiden’s feet in such a sensual way it could turn anyone into a foot fetishist. The holds are sexy and playful and Luke gets Aiden in a perfect spladle while later on both lock on head scissors and body scissors. And nothing makes our fever climb than watching Aiden make out, suck, and tongue dive on Luke’s hole. After stripping down to jocks, Aiden puts Luke out in a sleeper and then fucks Luke raw with his jock on! First he pounds him on his back and then orders Luke to get on his hands and knees so he can drill him from behind (with his jock still on!). If that didn’t make you unload your balls in seconds, Aiden then shoots his load all over luke’s hole and plows his cum into his butt. Playful erotic wrestling has NEVER been hotter! 

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