Tanner Ripley vs Jesse Zane

Tanner Ripley is one of the new hot wrestling stars on the scene and we couldn’t resist throwing him into the mat room against MBW vet Jesse Zane. From the first seconds on the mat the chemistry is through the fucking roof between these two superstars! They go at each other with so much fierce intensity that we thought the walls would melt. In this sweat soaked battle Zane decides to throw everything in the book at Ripley: camels, surfboards, backbreakers, scissors, splades, fishhooks, slams, and suplexes. Ripley tosses off his jobber persona and leans in on his roughneck side to give a shit ton back to Zane. The fact that they are naked through a lot of this match only adds to the sizzle. Naked wrestling isn’t complete without some junk in the face grinding and these two rivals go all in on it! Sweaty, slippery and exhausted, it was anyone’s match to claim. That is until Tanner uttered the now famous words “finish me”. Jesse Zane finishes him with a naked tombstone and pin that may be the hottest ending in MBW history.

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