Ty Shadow vs Jack Dillon

Who’s up for a knock down, drag out FIGHT? Pro wrestlers are often skilled and bad ass competitiors but Ty and Jack take that notion to a whole new level in one of the roughest fights we’ve ever filmed. It’s also extremely rare that we see such a varitey of holds and moves in one 30 minutes match. These guys are out for blood and so we just got out of the way and let go at it. Halfway through the action it is SO intense and SO back and forth it is impossible to know who has the upper hand or who might come out on top - and that makes it HOT. The pace is fast and the moves are executed to perfection. This is two of the best and hottest pro wrestlers in the country putting on a textbook pro wrestling show exclusively for the MBW fans! As the matches wears on and our boys are getting winded we thought the action might let up - HELL NO. Watching Ty nail Jack with the finest DDT we’ve ever seen is worth the price of admission fans. All the rest is gravy on an already sumptuous feast. This is one not to be missed!

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