Brendan Byers vs Archie Paige

There is something so primal and hot about watching an eager new Muscle Boy like Archie Paige get his dreams and body trounced by an experienced heel like Brendan. This is Archie’s first foray into the underground wrestling scene and what a scene this squash turns out to be! Brendan loves to demolish boys like Archie and this time he looks especially hungry to swallow Archie whole. Archie’s built smooth frame is the perfect foil for built Brendan and he levels this kid like a steamroller running over a mouse. Brendan uses every move in his playbook and don’t worry fans there is tons of ball torture! In fact, at one point Brendan is actually biting Archie’s balls in a move that seems to indicate the he wants to consume every inch of this boy. Archie attempts a sleeper and a mild comeback only to get beaten back and stripped of his gear. Naked and exposed, Brendan slows down the pace and revels in more punishment as Archie begs for mercy with the sexiest whimper we’ve ever heard. In a twist on his usual finisher, Brendan decides to nail Archie with his newly minted “stuffed tombstone piledriver” and it’s hot as fuck. Archie's debut is not to be missed fans!

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