Tripp Evans vs Andrew Connor

Another twink makes his debut on MBW! Andrew Connor looks like he could get knocked over by a strong wind. That makes it all the more surprising when you see how tough as shit this boy is! After some very hot back and forth, it isn’t very long before these boys strip into jock straps and it’s clear that Tripp is happy to have a hot boy to beat the crap out of. But we’ve learned a long time ago that you never count out a tough twink. Andrew is no exception. Tripp slams, punches and cranks little Andrew but Andrew makes several comeback and is hankering for a real fight. Tripp has lots of muscle and experience but Andrew doesn’t give easily. Watching both of their bare asses roll around the mat room while they make out and grope each other is sexy wrestling at it’s best. Andrew worships Tripp’s cock and then Tripp rides Andrew’s face with some stripper moves that would make Magic Mike hard. These two boys are having the time of their life in our mat room and we know you will too!

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