Roger Atlas vs Jeremy Daniels

Roger Atlas has always been a BEAST on the mats. But there is something more going on here. Who pissed off this big man? Maybe it was Jeremy’s lighting elbow drops or that boot he shoves against Roger’s throat?! Don’t poke this beast, he will FIGHT BACK HARD -and holy shit does he ever! Roger rages at Jeremy with slams, backbreakers, racks, and punishing mat holds that Jeremy tries to endure as best he can. By the time Roger is asking him to say “I give”, he ups the ante and asks him to “say your beneath me…SAY IT!”. The expression on his face as he bellows that question is so hot you may wish YOU were the one being bounced up and down in Roger’s torture rack. Jeremy is left a sweaty and simpering mess and Roger earns MAJOR beast points. The evil intensity in Roger’s eyes are smoldering with rough heel energy and it’s a major freaking turn on fans! 

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