Gunnar Stone vs Drew Harper

Holy fuck fans, Gunnar Stone is looking as jacked, thick, and HOT as he ever has! Drew is no slouch in pink trunks with lime green posers underneath. Drew has gotten more muscled recently but we know who the real beast is here, don’t we? Gunnar is filled with arrogance and vinegar and we love to see him in cocky mode. He manhandles Drew all over the four corners with suplexes, racks and a boston crab that provides a beauty shot of Drew’s half hard dick flapping around in those green briefs. Speaking of hard dicks, yours will be pointing north when you see Gunnar trap Drew’s cock against the ring ropes as he cranks on his package! And that’s before he takes Drews head and bashes it over and over into the turnbuckles! Drew gets in some nice shots here and there but this is Gunnar’s show and we are his mere submissive slaves - we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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