Iceman Johnson vs Jesse Zane

Iceman’s thickly muscled body never looks better then when it is dripping in oil. In this slicked up match he has a see through jockstrap on and Jesse is in a singlet (later he strips to a jock too). The slow and sensual application of the oil is so hot but Iceman isn’t here just to stroke Jesse’s body. Jesse does spend quite a bit of time with his hands all over Iceman. Iceman is also here to throw big power moves at the boy that is half his size. Jesse tries to use his considerable wrestling knowledge to get Iceman in some hot holds but Iceman is a monster of muscle and he doesn’t plan on losing. After bashing the boy with forearm smashes, gut punches, body scissors and a nasty camel, Iceman is ready to finish him off. The sexy scissors/sleeper combo he uses to put Jesse out is enough to make you want to oil yourself up and take on all cummers. 

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