Aiden Langston vs Adam Awbride

Aiden has proven himself to be a skilled wrestler but Adam Awbride isn’t in the mood to wrestle. This matchup is a lot more sex than wrestling and we are REALLY ok with that. To be sure there is a bit of hot grappling here but these boys want to get their cocks in each other’s mouths faster than you can say fireman’s carry. And there is plenty of ass railing to satisfy any porn boy obsession. Aiden has one of the all time great bubble butts and Adam’s cock is big and thick and throbbing for his pleasure. It’s a match made in heaven even if there isn’t a ton of wrestling going on. Seeing Aiden get nailed in the doggy position brings to mind some of the great bottoms in the history of porn and he measures up quite nicely. If your hard on is raging after all the wrestling in this catalog, grab this one quick and we guarantee it will help you blow your load. 

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