Monstah Mike vs Archie Paige

Archie Paige is always full of spit and vinegar when he enters the room. When he sees Mike he can’t help but run his hands all over Mike’s massive pecs while stating the obvious: “that’s very impressive”. Mike is less impressed and within seconds he is pummeling Archie with punches, slams, and humping Archie’s muscled body. Control is everything to Mike and in this matchup he stays on top of boyish Archie. Until he doesn’t. Archie is game for a fight and he hammers Mike’s huge back and chest with thwacks that can be heard a few streets away. Mike loves manhandling boys like Archie and then taking their ass with his cock but today he wants to change it up a bit! Once Archie gets a load of the idea Mike is suggesting his eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Mike wants Archie to fuck his massive ass. The savage plowing that ensues is a humping that will leave both the bodybuilder and the boy plenty satisfied! 

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