Brody Fox vs Pup Bandit

Who wants to flip fuck? In an MBW first, Brody and Pup do just that as the chemistry and cocks are impossible to calculate in this wrestling sextasy. Pup is built like a truck that just added 20lbs to it’s chassis. Brody is lean and ripped and loves to get dominated and pounded. That setup would seem to suggest that you would know how this one goes. Think again. Pup roughs up Brody a ton and the boy, as always, loves every second. But after the rough wrestling winds down it becomes apparent that the sparks between these two are so intense that both of their asses are going to get fucked and there is no stopping them. Sometimes at MBW we just have to turn the camera on and let the boys have their way with each other and this match is no exception. This one has your entire bucket list of wishes because Pup cranks and twists Brody into pretzels and drills his body with shots. Both dudes go to town on each others butts but take note fans: Brody has a MASSIVE and rock hard dick and Pup has a MASSIVE bubble ass. Pup Bandit grunts, growls and grinds through this whole panarama and we know similar sounds will emerge when you watch this match! And you can’t finish a flip-fuck scene without a proper cum spray, can you? Spray away fans.

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