Liam Collins vs Tanner Ripley

Battle of the Jobbers? When you look at this marquee matchup of two of the rising stars of wrestling there is one thing that is clear: you KNOW you want to watch! This tussle is more like a sexy and naked fight - with plenty of ball smashing (just for fun). Also on the menu: chokes, punches, and some seriously hot trash talk. Once the trunks come off these two jobbers are not shy about playing with each other’s cocks and toying around the backside too. One wonders who to root for because we know everyone wants to see both of these studs get destroyed. Which makes watching Tanner and Liam take turns using their trunks to choke each other even more gripping (sorta speak). And always fun to jack off to. With this barn burner, Liam really makes his mark in MBW. Tanner, meanwhile, has suffered through several squashes on our mats and some of the marks on the mats are still there and he certainly gets manhandled in this one too. Bottom line: naked wrestling with 2 boy jobbers has never been better on the MBW mats.

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