Zach Ramos vs Jack Bailey

At MBW we do love a good mismatch. Big and beefy Zach takes on ultimo twinky Jack and the results are more than we could have wished upon a star for. Jack sells like a puppy being mishandled at a county fair while Zach is a pro wrestling fanatic that knows how to squash a twink - and make it vicious!  Zach nails Jack with every mat hold, power move and forearm smash you have ever thought of. Jack takes them like a champ while whimpering in the sexiest way imaginable. Jack does manage to mount a sneak attack with a perfectly nut crunching ball smash to Zach’s junk. He even manages a pretty nasty scissors on the big guy. But Zach is here to destroy and destroy he DOES. We won’t lie to you fans, this is mostly a squash - MOSTLY. But holy hell what a squash it is and no one makes suffering look hotter than our boy Jack Bailey.

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