Monstah Mike vs Evan Sterling

The chemistry between Mike and Evan is like a rocket ship, just hold on and enjoy the ride. They tear at each other with abandon and Mike is in control. He uses his powerful legs to take Evan off his feet only to choke and sleeper and scissor him with endless stamina. Evan doesn’t give up easily and he even catches mike is one of the hottest camels we’ve ever seen. But hang on to your headgear fans, Mike whips Evan to the mat with some bodyslams that are bone crushing! We’ve been down this road before with Mike (and what a drive it is!). He strips off their trunks to reveal skimpy thongs and more erotic wrestling ensues. Once he’s in full control Mike is gonna make Evan his boy and feed him his cock and then slam his ass every which way to Sunday. The seriously hot positions these two contort themselves into makes you wish everyone could be Mike’s boy. The look on Evan’s face makes you realize he is enjoying every fucking second of it. We know the fans will submit and give. 

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