Rob Steel vs Jesse Zane

Strap on your singlets! From the get go it’s clear that Rob and Jesse want to have a FIGHT. This will be rough, hot, and with just a smidge of erotic playfulness. This video finds Rob really coming out of his shell and posing for the camera and playing up his phenomenal physique. He flexes for the camera and declares that “Rob is back!” and the look on his face will make you wish you were under his giant thighs permanently. With the biggest legs in the Northern Hemisphere he’s destined to dominate but then again his opponent is super punk Jesse Zane! Jesse rarely let’s ANYONE dominate him and he is up for the challenge. Once the sweaty guys are stripped down to sexy trunks, this back and forth match gets so hot you might need to call an EMT. These two know how to put on a fuckin’ show and our fans will obsess over every second! 

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