Tripp Evans vs Aiden Langston

Do you ever just wanna put on some sexy gear and roll around and wrestle? Isn’t it every wrestler’s dream to make out, kiss, hump and grope with a hot muscled opponent who is just as into you as you are into him? Then this video is for YOU. Tripp and Aiden were so into each other that at some point we thought we should leave the room and let them have their fun in private. Fuck THAT, we stayed and captured all the erotic play and wrestling holds for you to enjoy. Tripp’s ass is so thick and muscled that Aiden can’t resist licking it and humping it and damn that’s hot to watch! Tripp is also hankering to be the dom so it’s fun to watch him tie up Aiden in hot holds and ride his face with his trunks. The textbook over the knee backbreaker Tripp drills Aiden with is made even hotter by some ball torture. This one is WOOFY and dripping with eroticism. Dine in and dig in! 

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