Joey McCoy vs Austin Tyler

Ok look, here’s the deal: this is a total pro wrestling CLINIC. This is what brilliant old school pro wrestling is MEANT to be. Two sexy pro’s in trunks and boots putting on a HOT pro match in a ring and letting all of us marvel at their skill and their sweet muscled bods in their super hot gear. THIS is what made us hard watching pro wrestling for so many years, THIS is why we love it so much, and THIS is what will get you off, full stop. The action is non stop and it’s a total back and forth match! Austin employs every suplex variation possible to drill boytoy Joey with and we are freakin into it. Both wrestlers have the upper hand at varies times, and both wrestlers show us what pro wrestling euphoria looks like. Joey vs Austin, mark that down because this type of heat and skill inside the square circle is rarely out there. But it IS right here on MBW. 

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