Monstah Mike vs Carter Collins

Big Mike loves to dominate and control and then use a jobber as his personal cum dump. Against lean and gorgeous Carter Collins this combo platter of hotness proves to be a winning one. Mike first toys with Carter by trapping him in sensuous submission holds but our cocks perked up when he LEANS into Carter’s ripped abs with punches while caressing them and digging his fist DEEP into his gut. Carter manages some pretty hot comebacks but the look on his face when he is under Mike’s spell tells the whole story. It’s the story of every hot jobber who longs to get dominated and pounded on a wrestling mat as well as the story of every Dom heel who craves a hunky jobber like Carter to manhandle and then power fuck. And power fuck he DOES. The gulps of cum that spew from Carter’s big dick certainly let us know just how much he loved getting taken apart and put back together by superstar Monstah Mike! 

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