Jack Bailey vs Archie Paige

This one was by special request. Jack had his eye on Archie and asked the boss Rocco if he could have a piece of him to which he responded that it is likely he wants a piece of your ass. The way Archie RIPS into Jack’s body it’s no wonder that he didn’t remove whole chunks of his flesh with his teeth. When he isn’t getting wrecked with wrestling holds, Jack’s tongue worships every inch of Achie’s muscled body, including a good long licking of his boots! Muscle worship looks good on these two but Archie also works over Jack’s balls until he starts begging for mercy, and that mercy is never shown - poor twink! Later, after a ton of stomps, gut punching, and nipple torture Archie finally gets what he came for which is to give Jack’s ass a proper thumping with his monster cock! Spewing cum also makes a guest star appearance and both wrestlers and our fans will leave sated and breathless.

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