Joey McCoy vs Johnny Grecco vs Drew Harper

3 way anyone? No one would ever accuse Johnny of being a jobber which might explain why Drew and Joey decide to team up to work over this beefy stud and use every inch of the ring to do it. Johnny is taken off guard and it helps that Joey and Drew have decided to use ball busting as a means to an (HOT) end. They choke, stomp and and gut punch Johnny mercilessly (look at those red abs!). Trapping him in the corner to try and choke him out with their boots and legs also is delicious fun. Then the stomping of the boots to Johnny’s balls begins and we couldn’t be more pleased! Johnny’s balls get walloped in a myriad of ways -who knew Joey was so inventive? Once they drape Johnny’s crotch over the top rope we knew what was coming and we kept our eyes open for it (see if you can too). The mayhem keeps coming and at first it looks like Johnny will end this match slumped over the buckle in a heap of sweat. But NO, he wants to exact some revenge and he somehow finds the energy to come surging back to life and then single handedly takes apart both of his opponents limb by limb. His double ball shot nicely fulfills his revenge scenario but that isn’t the end fans! The double finisher he lays out Drew and Joey with is almost too good to be true if we hadn’t witnessed it ourselves. Check it out and prepare to be amazed!

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