Lucas Leon vs Roger Atlas

If you have gorgeous ripped pecs and hot sensitive nipples like Lucas Leon it only makes sense to torture them. Or so goes the thinking of Roger Atlas while he humiliates and punches the crap out of Lucas. Not to mention the fact that Roger never met a fist to the face he didn’t like - we like it too. As we watch him take apart Lucas we couldn’t help thinking how hot it would be if Lucas did a heel turn. Then LO AND BEHOLD Lucas rages at Roger and even manages to work over Roger’s pecs and nips! Once we see him trap Roger in the corner of the mat room by digging his bare foot into Roger’s throat we know he has potential as a sneaky heel. The nice back and forth with oodles of sweat add to the scene too. Seeing how hot and tall Lucas looks while flexing his muscles over Roger while his foot is on his chest makes our hearts all warm inside thinking about the long journey Lucas made to get here. He may not be an all out heel just yet but the potential has begun to simmer inside his soul and this match proves he is hot in any role on our mats! 

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