Forrest Taylor vs Jesse Zane

For the very first match in our new space we brought in underground hottie Forrest Taylor to clash with the ultimate MBW hunk Jesse Zane and let these boys loose in the ring! To say the scene was fierce and hot as fuck would be an understatement. These two always manage to find the perfect blend of hot erotic play with wrestling skill and the results will go down as one of our longest and hottest matches EVER. The erotic charge between the boys is palpable and there are tons of hot holds, rough brawling and naked wrestling to please any fan. And from the looks of the large trickle of cum that Jesse spews perfectly down Forrest’s gorgeous smooth body it’s no wonder that Forrest returns the favor. 1 hour of wrestling and play is a LONG time but this one feels like you'll never want it to end! Bragging rights as the king of underground twunks is definitely on the line here. Spoiler alert: Jesse comes out on top and he decides to add some kink play with some handcuffs and rope as a way to put an exclamation point on the proceedings. This match will go down as one of MBW’s very best and it’s fitting as it is the first one in our incredible new ring space!

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