Ricky Lee vs Evan Sterling

Evan Sterling is sowing his dom oats in this hot fuck match and lucky for him Ricky loves to get dominated and loves getting his ass nailed. Evan isn’t always the heel but when he does it’s freakin HOT. Ricky is much smaller and that only adds to the eroticism. Evan seems determined to go rougher than he has before and we say - DO IT DUDE. When he racks Ricky (naked) and goes in on the boy’s balls we know we are in territory not seen before with Evan. Ricky suffers so indredibly hot that it’s possible just to get off on hearing him whine and moan! But there are many hot holds to work him over with first...and then the ass drilling can commence. Keep your eye on Ricky’s eyes. They get bigger with anticipation when he’s about to be entered or beaten up. It seems the boy doth not protest at all and we are super ok with that! The copious amounts of Evan's jizz all over his arched ass and hole will make you cum lovers drip with delight. This whole match is a an erotic wrestlers wet dream and we hope you dream it over and over. 

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