Tanner Ripley vs Brody Fox

Naked wrestling is somewhat of an art form and Tanner is a master at it. He strips off Brody’s gear in record time and makes sure he consumes every inch of Brody’s ripped body while applying all the sexy holds you could hope for. This match could also be subtitled “There Will Be Facesitting”. And ass sitting too. Tanner wants to toy with and then humiliate the younger and less experienced Brody and did we mention how much Tanner plays with Brody’s dick and balls? If Tanner isn’t sitting on Brody’s face, then he’s definitely playing with his junk. Erotic wrestling can be tricky to pull off but Tanner is well versed on how to mix hot holds with sexy play and the way Brody worships Tanner’s bicep with his tongue I think he’s definitely cool with the plan. Tanner even manages to let Brody gets some nice shots in and responds with “is that it?!”. Definitely not T. Tanner still needs to hump and kiss and torture the boy some more! Toward the inevitable conclusion Tanner wants to put Brody OUT and then…well we will let your imagination run wild while you watch the SUPER hot ending to this wildly sexy match. 

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