Jesse Zane

Jesse Zane

Jesse Zane MBW Exclusive

Age: 33

Weight: 145 lb

Height: 5 ft 5 in

Jesse Zane Videos

Double Gut Punch 3HD17 min

Double Gut Punch 3

2 videos for 1 low price! What could be hotter than watching Jesse Zane gut punch the crap out of Luke Maxwell AND Chris Cannon? Luke’s ripped abs get drilled over and over and turn beat red. Chris crumbles from Zane’s punches, stomps, and knees! 2 hot GP vid’s for one price!

Ryan Sparks vs Jesse ZaneHD31 min

Ryan Sparks vs Jesse Zane

Ryan Sparks has the body of a Greek god if the Greeks had 3 tons of protein powder. Despite the size difference this is a GREAT back and forth battle! Slams, backbreakers, ab punishment, and HOT mat holds! Both end up naked and sweaty and Ryan’s dick lands in Jesse's mouth.

Jessie Lee vs Jesse ZaneHD40 min

Jessie Lee vs Jesse Zane

Jessie Lee has arguably the best body in MBW. Jesse Zane is our hottest and most talented wrestler. This match is a classic! Jessie Lee spends most of the match in a see through jockstrap before it becomes an erotic naked wrestling fest!

Jesse Zane vs Corey Badger Boy TurnerHD28 min

Jesse Zane vs Corey Badger Boy Turner

Naked wrestling anyone? Both boys show up in singlets and at first this matchup looks like the collegiate wrestling match of your dreams. The action is fast and furious and then it turns super erotic! In the 2nd half of the match they go totally naked and both these well hung dudes decide to spew their spunk all over each other.

Ethan Slade vs Jesse ZaneHD40 min

Ethan Slade vs Jesse Zane

This 40 minute bout in the ring is a re-match of our best selling mat room bout between our two most popular wrestlers Jesse and Ethan! These boys are REALLY pumped up to be going at it again and having an all out battle inside the ring makes it even HOTTER. In the end, Zane decides to blow his cum all over Ethan’s ripped abs and Ethan humps Jesse’s ass.

Connor O'Reilly vs Jesse ZaneHD24 min

Connor O'Reilly vs Jesse Zane

Tight square trunks and Connor O'Reilly. Need we say more? This match is all about hot sub holds and TONS of headscissors. Both boys have SUPER hot legs and this long match is all about seeing which look best around the other dude’s head! As usual Connor enjoys shoving his trunks in his opponent’s face and loves to stroke himself and show his ass too!

Taylor Reign vs Jesse ZaneHD31 min

Taylor Reign vs Jesse Zane

Fans ate up the first match of these two gorgeous pretty boys so we figured why not put them in the ring again! As soon as this one starts Jesse takes control and starts hammering Taylor with punches, suplexes, slams, and forearm smashes that could be heard a mile away! But Taylor knows how fucking HOT he is and he uses his wrestling prowess & seduction techniques to get the upper hand - watching these boys make out and wrestle and stroke each other’s bodies is a real treat once again!

Austin Tyler vs Jesse ZaneHD27 min

Austin Tyler vs Jesse Zane

Blond hunk Austin Tyler is one of the sexiest indy wrestlers on the scene! Right from the start he throws every slam, suplex, punch, and sub hold at Jesse Zane. Even a seasoned stud like Austin gets surprised by our Jesse’s mat game and it makes for one barnburner of a match! Austin's hot bod (those legs!) and his mastery of pro wrestling will leave you BREATHLESS.

Jesse Zane vs Armond RizzoHD34 min

Jesse Zane vs Armond Rizzo

Watching these two muscle boys roll around on the mats is like having a hidden camera at a wrestling practice in your dreams. They start out in singlets, strip into jockstraps - and then get totally naked! They punch, kiss, spladle, head scissors, rim, and hump each other over and over. Seeing both of them spray their jiz all over each other at the end is a fitting reward after a hot roll on the mats! 

Steve Tanner/Jesse Zane vs Bruno the Beast/Masked BruiserHD24 min

Steve Tanner/Jesse Zane vs Bruno the Beast/Masked Bruiser

First ever TAG TEAM! Both Steve and Jesse equally take their beatings and the ring allows Bruno and Bruiser to really toss around these boys with abandon! Jake gets caught in a hangman, suspended surfboard, and plenty of suplexes. Steve gets DRILLED with a piledriver, gets bent in half with an OTK backbreaker, and suffers really HOT in a sleeper! In the end our two heels revel in their conquests and double team the jobbers!