Johnny Greco

Johnny Greco

Johnny Greco

Weight: 185lbs

Height: 5'6"

Johnny Greco Videos

Joey McCoy vs Johnny Grecco vs Drew HarperHD25 min

Joey McCoy vs Johnny Grecco vs Drew Harper

3 way anyone? No one would ever accuse Johnny of being a jobber which might explain why Drew and Joey decide to team up to work over this beefy stud and use every inch of the ring to do it. Johnny is taken off guard and it helps that Joey and Drew have decided to use ball busting as a means to an (HOT) end. Trapping him in the corner to try and choke him out with their boots and legs also is delicious fun. Then the stomping of the boots to Johnny’s balls begins and we couldn’t be more pleased! The double finisher he lays out Drew and Joey with is almost too good to be true if we hadn’t witnessed it ourselves. Check it out and prepare to be amazed!

Johnny Greco vs Nick FlexHD26 min

Johnny Greco vs Nick Flex

What took so long?! These two MBW studs FINALLY go head to head in the ring and the result is nothing short of pro style mastery. Nick knows his way around a ring and has manhandled all the big men of MBW. Johnny also has earned his trunks in the ring and although he is the victim of a VICOUS beating by Nick in this video, we always knew a comeback and some payback was in the cards. This is rough pro style that you beg for fans and we also want to give it to you in spades…especially when you beg!

Artemis Iron vs Johnny GrecoHD29 min

Artemis Iron vs Johnny Greco

Cat 38 brings the return of bodybuilder and Greek god adjacent Artemis to the mat room and what a return it is! He body is made of pure muscled iron and damn does he want to beat the fuck out of Johnny Greco. In a whirlwind of slams, punches, suplexes and forearm smashes, Artemis wants to prove his mettle for the fans while we salivate or over his metal. This dude is so big and powerful he seems to almost dwarf the VERY thick and muscled Johnny Greco. In the end you’ll be left breathless just by the sight of these two hot men going at it with gusto!

Iceman Johnson and Drew Harper vs Johnny GrecoHD36 min

Iceman Johnson and Drew Harper vs Johnny Greco

There are some savage and vicious matches on MBW but there may be nothing to prepare for the brutal beatdown that Drew and Iceman impose on a helpless Johnny Greco. To call this a “two on one” match wouldn’t be fair because Iceman is such a mountain of muscle he really counts as two Muscle Boys all by himself. Drew and Ice don’t just want to work over Johnny - they want to pummel, smother, and destroy him. 2 big muscled studs on 1 thick muscled boy.

Chad Lambert vs Johnny GrecoHD30 min

Chad Lambert vs Johnny Greco

Our new Muscle Boy Chad Lambert is a gorgeously tall & built hunk with an ass of death and an ample package. Johnny starts taking apart this ripped stud right from the get go and at first this seems like a squash match in the making. Chad is no pushover and once his ire is awakened he takes charge and starts tries to humiliate Johnny. He evens shoves his bicep deep in Johnny’s mouth and taunts him with insults and punches. The action is rough and tumble and by the final minutes both boys are gasping for air and trying to grab the brass ring.

Johnny Greco vs Leo LangstonHD23 min

Johnny Greco vs Leo Langston

Johnny Greco has developed into a terrific pro wrestler and watching him utilize the ring in creative ways is a source of pride for MBW boss Rocco. Greco has been beefing up his body too and there are no complaints on that front either! Leo Langston has a few inches on Johnny and he has a body of death and enough enthusiasm to fill up 3 wrestling rings. These two go at it with refreshing abandon and they toss each other around the ring and even exchange the dreaded tree of woe in the turnbuckle.

Johnny Greco vs Nick MilaniHD27 min

Johnny Greco vs Nick Milani

Matched perfectly in size and strength, Johnny and Nick put on a pro wrestling show worthy of the best Indy pro federations. Watching them to do kip ups, bodyslams, suplexes, and diving all over the ring (and all over each other) makes you realize either of these two ripped studs could make a career in the squared circle. They love beating the shit out of each other and we LOVE watching them!

Rob Steel vs Johnny GrecoHD27 min

Rob Steel vs Johnny Greco

Rob Steel is a musclebound hunk who has all the attitude, body, and skill to be an MBW Superstar! His chiseled muscles and bushy beard are the perfect foil for a beefed up Johnny Greco. Johnny has packed on some beef and arrives with a chip on his shoulder. It seems Johnny’s jobber boy persona has begun to wear thin and he is here to tear apart our new stud Rob. These two go at it rough and fast with bodyslams and ball shots flying from minute one. Wearing his cock sculpting trunks that hug his ass of death, Rob has also come to PLAY.

Iceman Johnson vs Johnny GrecoHD27 min

Iceman Johnson vs Johnny Greco

Watching Iceman and Johnny inspect each other’s muscles really makes you go hmm... These two spend quite a bit of time flexing and caressing each other’s biceps, pecs, and quads and needless to say fans we are HERE for it! Iceman seems particularly enamored with Johnny. Both of these boys are built SO damn thick which makes watching them pound on each other’s muscles a lip smacking good time. The back and forth has grit and the boys could not be hotter. This is MBW at it’s muscled up BEST!

Roger Atlas vs Johnny GrecoHD29 min

Roger Atlas vs Johnny Greco

Roger Atlas has muscle, charisma, and the type of old school pro wrestling skills that will send our fans into orbit! For his first match we put him up against another talented adonis, Johnny Greco. This back and forth barn burner is a pro wrestling clinic that harkens back to the early days of Saturday morning pro wrestling. These two seem out for blood as they hammer, suplex, and bodyslam each other all over the ring!