Johnny Greco

Johnny Greco

Johnny Greco

Weight: 185lbs

Height: 5'6"

Johnny Greco Videos

Johnny Greco vs Rex BrodyHD29 min

Johnny Greco vs Rex Brody

Is there anything rougher (or more painful) than busting on a dude’s balls? That theory will be put to the test in this back and forth ball bashing match that will surely leave both of these guys walking funny afterwards. Rex is beef incorporated and Johnny is your spark plug dream come true. Rex loves nailing guys in the nuts and Johnny is gaining his confidence so it’s fun to watch him give just as good as he gets

Johnny Greco vs Jesse ZaneHD33 min

Johnny Greco vs Jesse Zane

After only minutes in the mat room this short spark plug revealed himself to be a natural and as tough as ANY wrestler in MBW. As he always says in his videos “I’m ready for MORE”. That phrase has become his mantra and Jesse Zane is happy to dish out A LOT more as he hammers every chiseled body part on Johnny’s sweaty body! These two end up being very evenly matched but as we all know Jesse is a sneaky and sexy sadist and he takes apart Johnny with twisty mat holds (spladles!) and savage body blows.

Bull Barrett vs Johnny GrecoHD32 min

Bull Barrett vs Johnny Greco

We can say this with total authority; Johnny and Bull are two of the hottest and most talented prospects we’ve EVER had at MBW! Both of these gorgeous and chiseled Muscle Boys are so much more than big muscles. They have legit wrestling skills! The British born Bull comes out of the gates quickly and lands tons of hard blows to Johnny’s stunning body. Not only does Greco withstand this shelling but he keeps asking Bull for “more”! This kid is all in and he loves every minute of his ass whooping! Seeing the way they beat each other up makes us very hopeful for all the incredible matches still to come but in the meantime watch these two impressive debuts as they wallop each other into oblivion.